Yashahime: Episode 19 Review!

** DISCLAIMER: This post is a written review from the latest episode of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon! So if you haven’t watched Episode 19 of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, I recommend you do so before reading this post or else you’ll be spoiled! This post only covers episode 19 with my personal opinion included! I am in no way an expert or related to any of the creators of Yashahime, just writing reviews and blogging because I’m a huge fan! Enjoy! ❤ **

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon – Episode 19: Princess Aiya’s Beniyasha Hunting

The deputy shogun’s daughter, Aiya offers to employ the demon slayers if they win in a battle against the bounty hunters. Hisui, Nanasuke and Rokuta greets Princess Aiya who made the offer to the demon slayers behind her father’s back, Ogigayatsu Hiiragi Danjo. At first, Aiya is unsure if she should give Hisui and the other’s her request without the Chief around, but Hisui tells Aiya that he will heed her request with full responsibility in their Chief’s absence.

Princess Aiya tells the demon slayers if they accept her job, they might join the Ogigayatsu Hiiragi family’s mercenary forces. Hisui, Nanasuke and Rokuta become excited hearing of such expectations by the Princess. However, Aiya makes it clear that she isn’t asking for a demon-slaying job, but rather a contest. She tells the demon slayers if they emerge victorious, then they will be employed and introduces them to their opponents. The demon slayers’ opponents are bounty hunters named The Lady, The Ninja, The Granny, and The Muscle. Princess Aiya, as observed by Hisui and the others, see that she is having fun putting this whole contest together. Princess Aiya then introduces the final opponent of the bounty hunters, Moroha. Moroha isn’t fond being a part of this contest, but she was recommended by Jyubei. Aiya is nonetheless excited to see the contest go down.

Nanasuke and Rokuta asks Hisui if it’s okay to go through with this contest with the Chief’s ‘go ahead’. Hisui responds to them by saying since his uncle, Kohaku, has been always taking care of them, it’s time for them to repay some of that kindness.

Moroha complains to Takechiyo about why does she have to fight the demon slayers with those other bounty hunters. Takechiyo reminds Moroha over her debt and adds on that Jyubei will be getting the money for her participation. Takechiyo also gives Moroha a note the demon slayers wanted to give to her.

Hisui, Nanasuke, and Rokuta meet up with Setsuna to tell her about the job Princess Aiya requested them to do between demon slayers and bounty hunters. Hisui tells her the only one they have to defeat is Moroha and asks Setsuna if she accepts this challenge. Setsuna asks them to keep this a secret from Towa.

Morning comes and Towa wakes up to see Moroha packing her bag and getting ready to go somewhere. Towa asks Moroha where is Setsuna and Moroha laughs nervously, avoiding to tell Towa about the challenge that’s happening. Moroha accidentally hints that she’s going to a “large scale battle” and quickly leaves right after. Towa then picks up Moroha’s words about going to a battle and then realizes she needs to call on Setsuna to inform her about it (completely oblivious that Setsuna is also part of this battle).

Moroha tells Takechiyo as he carries her to the place of battle that the plan is a perfect one. Takechiyo doesn’t like the plan but there aren’t no second chances.

Towa looks for Setsuna, but is unable to find her and only finds Kirara, telling her that Moroha is in trouble.

Princess Aiya is on her way to witness the contest, being carried by her servants.

Setsuna, Hisui, Rokuta, and Nanasuke are waiting together at the field for the bounty hunters. Princess Aiya is eager to see the contest start. A horn blows and in the distance a huge drawing of a castle appears as the bounty hunters stand in front of it.

The bounty hunters introduce themselves to the demon slayers; The Lady, The Ninja, The Granny, The Muscle, and Moroha. They call themselves the strongest bounty hunters who will always get the bounty. Moroha is out of sync with the rest of the bounty hunters as they do their opening. The demon slayers choose not to introduce themselves the way the bounty hunters did and wants to get this battle overwith.

The demon slayers use a catapult to fire a single oil pot at the bounty hunters and Moroha suggests that they run from it instead of attacking the oil pot. The oil pot sets their mimic version of a castle on fire, and as the demon slayers fire more oil pots, the bounty hunters all panic and start to run everywhere. The demon slayers are confused on how their castle is already burning with a single oil pot. Hisui tells them that Princess Aiya wishes to see a spectacle and commands them to keep on firing oil pots.

As more oil pots are being fired down at the bounty hunters, they continue to run about in panic and doing nothing in attempt to fight back the demon slayers. Princess Aiya is currently cheering “more fire!” satisfied with the work of the demon slayers.

Moroha is also currently running and trying to dodge every oil pot being thrown at her, saying she “didn’t hear about this”. Apparently things aren’t going as planned as Moroha hoped.

Towa is riding on Kirara’s back in hopes of finding Moroha and she sees in the distance a place up in smoke.

The bounty hunters’ fake castle burns and falls to the ground. Moroha finds herself surrounded by flames with no where to escape. Towa finds Moroha and tells her that she’s here to help her as she picks Moroha up from being in the center of a fire, flying off together with Kirara. Hisui is shocked to see Towa and Kirara in the midst of this battle and wants to find out who told Towa about this battle. Setsuna says she told Moroha to not to tell. Setsuna tells Hisui and the other demon slayers to leave handling Towa to her.

Towa, Moroha, and Kirara all land somewhere safe and Towa asks Moroha why is she in a battle. Moroha tells Towa that it was something she had no choice but to participate in. Towa asks Moroha is this a job requested by Jyubei and Moroha tells her yes, letting out a nervous laugh. Towa tells Moroha that she wanted to let Setsuna know but she couldn’t find the demon slayers. Moroha tells Towa that she’ll soon find them.

Setsuna appears in front of Towa and Moroha and asks them if they’re looking for her. Setsuna tells Towa to not get in their way because they’re in a middle of a battle. She tells Towa that she is simply doing her job as a demon slayer and Moroha adds on that Setsuna and her are currently in the middle of an “epic battle”. Towa puts the pieces together realizing that Moroha is the one fighting the demon slayers.

Hisui expects Setsuna to be taking care of Towa regardless and so the demon slayers continue to throw oil pots towards Moroha with Towa and Setsuna in company of her. As the oil pots are coming down, all three girls are running and dodging them all. Towa and Moroha hide behind some rocks and Setsuna hides behind a tree. Towa tells Moroha she is going to talk to the demon slayers. Setsuna stops Towa telling her to not meddle in their business. Towa argues Setsuna saying this whole situation is wrong and asks her why does her and Moroha have to fight.

Towa says that they’re all on the same team. Setsuna responds to Towa by asks her “who decided such a thing?” in regards to Towa’s assumption on being on the same team. Setsuna tells Towa that she is too soft after all and she doesn’t understand or see anything. Setuna adds on by telling Towa if she gets in her way, she’ll defeat her too, pointing her blade directly at Towa.

Princess Aiya becomes impatient and wants everyone to continue to fight already.

Setsuna swings her blade at Towa and Towa dodges every swing from her asking Setsuna to stop. Moroha agrees with Towa and tells Setsuna that she thinks she’s going too far. Setsuna uses her Scourage of Swallows attack at Towa and Moroha jumps and pushes Towa aside out of protection.

Rokuta and Nanasuke sees that this battle between the demon slayers and bounty hunters has turned into a sibling battle instead. Hisui tells them to just take care of Moroha and has Takechiyo to help them.

Moroha tells Setsuna she is going too far with this fight and Setsuna says she has to finish the battle one way or another. Moroha tells Setuna that she is going to win this battle and get the bounty and Setsuna responds to her by saying she’ll be the one who wins since she accepted the job and she now has to see it through. Moroha uses her Crimson Dragon Wave against Setsuna and Setsuna uses her Cyclone Burst against Moroha. Princess Aiya is enjoying the fight while Towa asks them to stop and pulls out her blade to stop Moroha and Setsuna from fighting.

Towa breaks apart Setsuna and Moroha’s attacks. An oil pot falls from the sky and instead of landing to the ground, it follows Moroha around instead. The oil pot eventually hits Moroha on her head and she falls to the ground. The oil pot turns out to be Takechiyo in disguise and Moroha kicks Takechiyo away. (This gives me Inuyasha and Shippo vibes!)

Hisui appears behind Towa and tells her that they need to defeat Moroha because as a demon slayer it’s their duty to see a job through to the end. Setsuna asks Towa to stay back but Towa tells them both that she’ll protect Moroha with all she’s got. Hisui tells her “Fine. Then we’ll have to go all out, too.” and swings his Hiraikotsu at them. The girls dodge the Hiraikotsu but it aims for Towa as it swings back. Moroha protects Towa and takes the hit of the Hiraikotsu instead, falling behind a layer of thick grass. As Moroha falls into the thick layer of grass, the sound of a transformation happens.

Princess Aiya is entertained by this fight, continuously laughing. One of Aiya’s servants asks her if she’ll really be employing them. Aiya responds to him by saying “Of course not. Father would never consent to such a thing. It was obviously a lie I made up.” The Chief of the demon slayers, Kohaku, shows up behind the Princess and her servants, overhearing Aiya’s words.

Towa holds Moroha as she is badly injured. Hisui is pleased to say that the battle is over and Rokuta and Nanasuke become excited to join the Lord’s forces for becoming victorious. Towa is upset seeing Moroha unconscious and yells asking them if money is that precious to them and saying there is nothing more precious than a life. Shortly after, the real Moroha walks up in front of Towa and the Moroha that Towa is holding is really Takechiyo disguised as her. The moment when Moroha was hit by the Hiraikotsu and fell behind into the thick layer of grass, her and Takechiyo switched places and Takechiyo disguised himself as Moroha, pretending to be unconscious.

Hisui walks up to Towa and tells her that today’s battle had a bit more to it and Towa learns that today was all a fixed match and scripted. Hisui tells Towa that winning this battle and joining the Lord’s forces would mean that the demon slayers wouldn’t have to worry about money. Chief Kohaku interrupts and walks towards everyone and informs Hisui and everyone else that the employment offer by Princess Aiya was all a lie. The demon slayers, except Setsuna, is left shocked and Hisui tells his uncle Kohaku that he thought they would’ve been able to give him a better life if they joined the Lord’s forces. Kohaku tells Hisui that demon slayers are there to help those who are in need and it should never be for someone who’s taking care of them or for the sake of money. Hisui, Rokuta, and Nanasuke apologizes to Kohaku.

Back at the deputy shogun’s castle, Ogigayatsu Hiiragi Danjo is upset at his daughter Princess Aiya for offering employment without his consent and setting up a battle. Princess Aiya tells her father that she became upset at them when her kimono got dirtied with a speck of mud as Moroha and Setsuna ran inside the castle to save Towa when she was kidnapped by Ogigayatsu Hiiragi Danjo and Yotsume. (The first episode of Yashahime!)

The end of the day comes and Setsuna, Moroha and Towa are walking together. Moroha tells Towa that they couldn’t tell her about today because she’s a terrible liar. Towa stays quiet and Setsuna chimes in by saying Towa wouldn’t understand since it’s just how business works. Towa turns and stares at Moroha and Setsuna before running and giving them both a hug. Towa becomes emotional and is glad that everything is okay and that Moroha and Setsuna are okay too. Moroha feels a bit guilty saying it would’ve been easier if Towa was just mad at them instead of emotional and Setsuna agrees. The episode ends with Towa still embracing the girls with a hug.

This concludes my Yashahime Episode 19 Review! A big thank you if you took the time to read this! I appreciate you so much! A like, comment, share, and follow are all appreciated too but never necessary! I write and publish new Yashahime posts every weekend after each new episode on my blog here! 

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